Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Communication and Reason

I just saw a presentation by James Caesar, professor of political science at University of Virginia, Michael Moreland, dean of law at Villanova, and Christopher Tollefsen, professor of philosophy at University of South Carolina. It was about free speech. Some of what they said is that speech is teleological, aiming at the logos. Speech has as its goal communication of the truth. If truth is not a common goal then communication is not possible and speech loses its purpose. As such speech and communication assume reason and rationality. We are no longer able to communicate with one another when we undermine the basis for communication. A community of inquiry presupposes both the common goal of truth and the necessary preconditions for truth. It is on the basis of affirming these that we can then proceed together in the pursuit of truth. 

Saturday, May 16, 2015

James Madison 2015

One benefit of having been a research fellow last year at Princeton is attending the annual James Madison Program conference and catching up with everyone. This year has a great line-up of speakers including John Finnis and Robert George.