Monday, January 25, 2016

John Lennox and Daniel

I got to spend some time with John Lennox this trip. Oxford mathematician and Christian philosopher. Fascinating person who, among many other things, got to study with CS Lewis. He will be out at ASU in February and if you're interested in hearing him talk let me know.

He told a story about a time when he was just starting to teach at Cambridge. He was having dinner with a small group of mathematicians that included a Nobel Prize winner. The Nobel Prize winner put John Lennox on the spot and told him that if he ever hoped to make anything of himself he had better give up the God stuff, no one will take him seriously. Lennox replied by asking what the mathematician had to offer in the place of God. The reply was "Bergsonian evolution."  Lennox said "if that's what you've got I think I'll keep God."  

I found this not simply interesting but extremely impressive for a young scholar just starting out in his career. Lennox has just written a book about Daniel, and this was a Daniel moment. Much could be unpacked about why God provides an actual intellectual starting point in contrast to Bergsonian evolution or any other form of monism. 

Saturday, January 23, 2016


I'm presented on my newest book at Oxford. I've been invited to the Rothermere American Institute.