Friday, April 22, 2016

Childrens Movies and Evil

I've noticed a theme in many recent childrens's movies about how evil is portrayed. The "bad guy" has suffered some wrong in the past and what makes him "evil" is how he/she responded to this by going to an extreme to redress it. Supposedly this makes the character more relatable and understandable. What actually happens is that it teaches a very superficial view of evil to children and the adults who love these movies. 

I suspect it is a combination of Rousseau's view of human nature and Freud's view of human development. All persons are good and have good intentions and if they have gone astray it is due to a developmental problem imposed upon them by their environment. 

Either way it does not help in actually understanding the nature of good and evil and indeed can be a hindrance by promoting a false view. 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Evolution and Belief

I heard two students talking:

1. Evolution designed me to believe in evolution. 

2. Evolution doesn't actually design anything. 

1. It's short hand for saying that through the selection process with limited outcomes I have been ordered such that I believe in evolution. 

2. But that seems to be circular. You believe in evolution because of evolution. Can you show that evolution is true in the first place?

1. I don't need to show that.